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194 - Just For Laughs - HOT SHOTS! (1991)

Are you ready for your gut to be busted? We’re deep into our month of action comedies—which we’re calling Just For Laughs, because it’s a term we came up with—and that means it’s time to address the elephant in the room and talk about one of the most highly esteemed on-screen comedians of all-time, Chuck Sheen. It’s the beginning of a two week long sub-event where we’re pitting the offspring of Martin Sheen against each other in a laugh for laugh showdown to find out who the funniest Estevez is and the first movie up is HOT SHOTS!.

193 - Just For Laughs - BLUE STREAK (1999)

Last week our schedules went nuts and we missed an episode, so this week we’re dropping a little early as a mea culpa, which is Latin for, “Hey, get off my dick.” September is Just For Laughs month here at BOaB, and we’ve kept things moving by watching another action comedy. This week it’s a Matt O favorite, as his role model and personal favorite actor Martin Lawrence pretends to be a cop in BLUE STREAK. Luke Wilson is here being as dry as burnt toast, William Forsythe is here showing off how good he is at growing mustaches. It’s a good time!

192 - Just For Laughs - BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986)

After a couple weeks of insane scheduling conflicts Nate was left with a tough decision today––use the evening to record a podcast or use the evening to get blind drunk. He decided to do both. We’re kicking off our big month of talking about action comedies, ‘Just For Laughs,’ by discussing one of the most beloved pieces of action comedy weirdness of all time––John Carpenter’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. It’s so strange that Hollywood had no idea how to sell it, so we’re not going to try to sell this podcast any further. We’ve paid our dues. The check is in the mail.

191 - Chick Flicks - MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015)

It’s been a long intense month of growth here at Baby Oil and Blow, as we’ve been watching chick flicks in an attempt to better understand the female perspective. Is it cheating that our final movie is a MAD MAX film? No. A lot of people have argued that Charlize Theron’s character is the real protagonist, after all. And there’s a scene where a lady shoots a gun better than a man. Yep, that tears it, we’ve done a great job and BOaB is officially a feminist podcast. Back to man-baby bullshit next month.

190 - Chick Flicks - THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (1996)

This deep into our August Chick Flick marathon we thought we needed to turn things up a notch and feature a film starring a lady who literally nobody thinks about when they ponder classic action flicks—Geena Davis. That’s right, Thelma or Louise herself. Things worked out for us though, because not only is THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT full of all sorts of over the top action, it was written by a BOaB favorite, Shane Black, and it was directed by a foreign dude who we have a complicated relationship with, Renny Harlin, so we felt right at home while watching it. Let’s be perfectly honest, Samuel L Jackson dropping so many motherfuckers didn’t hurt either.

189 - Chick Flicks - BARB WIRE (1996)

Seeing as BOaB has been UNCUT for a few weeks now, we’re trying out a new title format that will keep us from needing to dig through the audio for random strange phrases that stand out, which will have the added benefit of making it easier to see what we’re talking about as you dig through the archives. I see that as a win-win! Anyway, as you can see from our new straight forward episode title strategy, we’re entering the second week of our Chick Flick miniseries by talking about Pam Anderson’s boobtacular starring turn in BARB WIRE. It’s like a 98 minute fetish video!

188 - Guns Give You Power (Where’s All the Erotic Thrills?)

It’s the first week of our new August event, where we’re taking time to cycle off the roids, light a candle, and get in touch with our feminine side. We’re watching Chick Flicks all month long, and first up is a movie starring one of our favorite Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis, and directed by the mastermind behind one of our all-time favorite action art pieces, Kathryn Bigelow (POINT BREAK). It’s her 1990 early effort BLUE STEEL, which features one of the first big screen performances from our out of control role model Tom Sizemore!

187 - That’s a Flea Market Knife, Baby!

The fourth head of our 80s Action Movie Mount Rushmore has arrived. After three weeks of celebrating we still had to do a Stallone, so we decided to finally rap about one of the most quintessential (unoriginal) 80s action movies ever made, COBRA (1986). This one has basically every trope that we love all piled into one hackneyed piece of crap and we couldn’t be happier to be talking about it. Boring podcasting is a disease, and we’re the cure!

186 - This Whole Tia and Tamera Situation

Our 80s Action Movie Mount Rushmore month continues, and this week we’ve come to the third head on our imaginary mountain, that of the Muscles From Brussels, JCVD himself. We had a theory that if there’s anything better than one broken English speaking but flexible karate man, it’s gotta be two of them, so we’re talking about DOUBLE IMPACT (1991). This is the movie where JCVD plays duel roles as twin brothers. It’s an acting tour de force and a technical marvel. Also, this is the first week of BABY OIL AND BLOW: UNCUT, which just means that Nate got a new job and no longer has time to edit this thing and make it sound all professional. Deal with our dirty audio or go listen to some other podcast, nerds!

185 - Hide the Arby’s Sauce

We’re moving on to the second head on our Action Movie Mount Rushmore, which means that we need to spend the week talking about a Steven Seagal flick. If that’s the case, why not check out one of the best/most culturally insensitive ones he ever did—MARKED FOR DEATH (1990)? In this one Seagal plays a scumbag cop who goes to the mattresses against a posse of Jamaican crack dealers who dabble in voodoo and prefer to live in the suburbs. Sounds great, right? What’s even better, Keith David is along for the ride!

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