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186 - This Whole Tia and Tamera Situation

July 21, 2021

Our 80s Action Movie Mount Rushmore month continues, and this week we’ve come to the third head on our imaginary mountain, that of the Muscles From Brussels, JCVD himself. We had a theory that if there’s anything better than one broken English speaking but flexible karate man, it’s gotta be two of them, so we’re talking about DOUBLE IMPACT (1991). This is the movie where JCVD plays duel roles as twin brothers. It’s an acting tour de force and a technical marvel. Also, this is the first week of BABY OIL AND BLOW: UNCUT, which just means that Nate got a new job and no longer has time to edit this thing and make it sound all professional. Deal with our dirty audio or go listen to some other podcast, nerds!