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204 - Die Hard December - PASSENGER 57 (1992)

It’s the Christmas Season, so we’ve decided to celebrate by talking all things DIE HARD. You know, because DIE HARD is a Christmas movie and everyone who says it isn’t is a hipster curmudgeon who gets off on peeing in people’s stockings. What this means, practically, is that all Die Hard December long we’re going to be talking about different DIE HARD ripoff movies, which is one of our favorite action sub-genres of all time. Get in the spirit of the season and listen along, starting with this first discussion about PASSENGER 57. Or don’t. No skin off our roasted nuts.

203 - Drama Kings - THE GODFATHER (1972)

Due to a bias that he would say is against mafia movies and most other people would say is against Italians, Matt has gone his whole life without ever actually watching THE GODFATHER. Nate has used the apparently semi-tradition of white people marathoning all of the GODFATHER movies on Thanksgiving as an excuse to finally force him into giving it a whirl. Will he become a convert to the accepted dad logic that this is one of the best movies ever, or will he remain obstinate? Listen to this week’s action movie podcast to find out! Gobble fucking gobble.

202 - Drama Kings - FARGO (1996)

Even though we come out here every damned week and complain about any movie that lasts for longer than 90 minutes, we still had the absolute gall to spend two and a half hours talking about a 90 minute movie this week. What do you expect? We’re pieces of shit. In our defense, we’re being Drama Kings all November long and talking about very serious, very deep movies though, so we’ve got a ton of smart shit to say. This week we talked about FARGO, and I promise we kept the bad Minnesota accents to a (relative) minimum. Be Minnesota Nice and at least pretend to listen.

201 - Drama Kings - COP LAND (1997)

As the weather turns and people start to over indulge in comfort foods and become weighty in their asses, the BOaB crew has decided to turn to serious, weighty movies for the entire month of November. This week we’re talking about Sylvester Stallone stuffing himself like a Thanksgiving turkey so he can play fat and sad and go fishing for Oscars in the ‘97 dirty cop drama COP LAND. Harvey Keitel is here, Robert De Niro is here––it’s basically a smorgasbord of actors your dad loves all in one mustachioed package.

200 - Drama Kings - HEAT (1995)

Not only is it the 200th episode of this prestigious podcast, it’s also the beginning of a new theme month for us, so we decided that we had to go big. We’re going to kick off awards movie season by becoming Drama Kings ourselves, and talking about the sort of manly cops and robbers flicks that leaned heavy on the drama and ended up being respected by academic types and couch potato dads alike. First up is Michael Mann’s HEAT, which is a Masterpiece in Spike TV filmmaking and probably contains the greatest shootout ever put on film. What better way to celebrate hitting a nice, even, round number episode?

199 - Slashtober - FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES (1986)

Slashtober comes to its grizzly end as we talk about arguably the best Jason movie ever made, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES. It’s the one where they finally drop all the bullshit and just turn the hockey mask wearing drowned kid into an unstoppable Frankenstein. And it’s the one that has a bitchin’ Alice Cooper soundtrack. Gather up a pile of Halloween candy, light the black flame candle, and listen to this one with the lights turned low. It’s guaranteed to disturb you one way or another.

198 - Slashtober - TRICK OR TREAT (1986)

Praise Satan, it’s the first episode we’ve put together in weeks that didn’t involve technical difficulties! Maybe it’s going to be a happy Halloween after all. If you’re like us, you think heavy metal and horror movies go together like peanut butter and boners, so we’ve decided to keep Slashtober going by talking about an underseen gem where a burnt to a crisp rock god comes back from the dead to murder all of the jocks picking on a young Skippy from ‘Family Ties.’ It’s the 1986 TRICK OR TREAT, and it’s ready for your consumption (don’t forget to check all your podcasts for needles and razor blades before you dig in).

197 - Slashtober - A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988

There’s a ghost in the machine! Unfortunately, we only have 3/4 of a podcast for you this week because some Gremlins apparently tore the guts out of our recording equipment and the Judgment Day segment didn’t actually get saved. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much though. Ivo-Cobra8 gave THE DREAM MASTER five ninja stars (under both of his IMDB accounts), Matt and Nate both gave it two, and we announced that next week we’re going to be talking about TRICK OR TREAT (1986) as our totally 80s Slashtober slashes on.

196 - Slashtober - SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II (1987)

October is here and the buildup to Halloween is upon us. This is pretty much always our favorite time of the year, except for the occasional Winter Olympics year where there’s that week where you can watch curling for 12 hours a day, so we’re celebrating by doing an entire month of the most 80s slasher movies that ever 80sed. It’s Slashtober, and first up we’re talking about a totally bonkers flick about a Fonzie impersonator who drills through an entire girl band with a killer electric guitar. It’s SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II, the sequel nobody knew we needed!

195 - Just For Laughs - NATIONAL LAMPOON’S LOADED WEAPON 1 (1993)

How do you cap off an entire month of comedy? You’ve got to talk about one of the most legendary funnymen the Hollywood scene has ever produced… Emilio Estevez. That’s right, last week we talked about Charlie Sheen taking his shot at making people laugh in HOT SHOTS!, so this week we’re answering tit with tat and giving Emilio his time to shine as we cover his Samuel L Jackson co-starring attempt at parodying the LETHAL WEAPON franchise, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S LOADED WEAPON 1. With a name like “National Lampoon’s,” it’s got to be good. For full transparency: the editing app was being very glitchy this week when it came to importing new audio, so we had to go without a cold open or a second trailer in the break. Get off of our cases about it, we almost couldn’t get this episode together at all!

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